A great way to try before you buy! A complete set of lemongrass body products for you to use at home to help you fall in love with our Pinks Boutique Organic Detox Range.

Products included:

LEMONGRASS BODY BALM - Smooth and rehydrate your skin from top to bottom with this rich shea butter balm. With only the finest organic ingredients you will be left bathed in the fresh exotics detoxyfing blend of lemongrass and mandarin.

LEMONGRASS BODY SUGAR SCRUB - An Organic Cane Sugar body scrub infused with the finest Lemongrass and Mandarin organic essential oils for an uplifting, refreshing full body exfoliation. As the sweet sugar grains dissolve, your skin is left feeling flawless and enriched

LEMONGRASS & MANDARIN BODY WASH -A refreshing and detoxing body wash with the distinctive aromas of lemongrass and mandarin will not only make your body and mind feel fresh but the astringent properties will leave them feeling clean as well.

LEMONGRASS & MANDARIN BODY LOTION - A refreshing and detoxing body lotion with the distinctive aromas of lemongrass and mandarin will leave you feeling fresh whilst providing hydration all day.

Try Me Set- Lemongrass Body


In the Try Me Sets are little cards that tell you how to use each product and the ingredients.