A great way to try before you buy! A complete set of facial products for oily to normal skin to help you fall in love with our Pinks Boutique Organic Facials Range.

Products included:

LEMONGRASS & CAMELLIA MOISTURISER - Suitable for morning and night this delicate light moisturising fluid absorbs quickly. Astringient Lemongrass balances oil production whilst camellia oil and aloe vera,&edsp;&edsp;soothe and heal stressed problem skin.

LEMONGRASS ORGANIC TONER - Antiseptic lemongrass and restorative mandarin help to balance oil levels, whilst green and white tea soothe and calm and provide balance to the skin.

LEMONGRASS CLEANSER -;A milk cleanser with antiseptic lemongrass to leave skin clean and clear. Free from pore blocking ingredients and drying alcohols which promote and frequently cause oil imbalances typical when using synthetic skin care.Mix with water and apply as a creamy face wash.

BAMBOO OATMEAL FACIAL POLISH Maintains clear pores, exfoliates and softens the skin leaving it feeling fresh and clean.&edsp;

GREEN CLAY CAMELLIA MASK - Deep cleansing anti oxidant mask.Refines skin texture and pores using the highest purity drawing green and white kaolin clays and deeply penetrating camellia oil. Non setting mask to balance oil secreation

Try Me Set- Lemongrass Facial


 In the "Try me sets" they have individual cards that list ingredients and how to use each product.