About Organic Beauty Products

We see beauty products labelled as organic and natural everywhere, and accept that they will be better for us, after all, surely they wouldn’t be allowed to state these things on the label if it wasn’t true?  However the hard fact is, unlike food which when sold as organic has to comply with EU standards, when it comes to organic beauty there is no legislation This means any company can label its products “organic and/or natural” with the minutest amount of organic material!  Frightening, especially as the skin is our largest organ and what we put on it could end up in our bloodstream!

So, for those of us who want the purest form of products for our skin how can we tell if they are truly organic?  The Soil Association Certification offers reassurance, their stringent regulations ensure products have undergone rigorous examination and satisfy all aspects from farming right through to waste disposal. Only those brands meeting these requirements will be awarded this highest global organic certification

Le Petite Spa are pleased to announce the arrival of their organic products.  Pinks Boutique, a Soil Association Certified range offering luxurious organic professional spa treatments and award winning retail products. These products not only smell and feel amazing they give excellent results and peace of mind at very affordable prices.  As well as carrying the prestigious Soil Association Certification, the products are also certified suitable for Vegans, Gluten Free, Nut free and are not tested on animals.